Exclusive interview with Rembrandt!

“Hi Rembrandt, so nice you are with us. How is life in heaven?”

 “It is not too bad, my son. Lots to eat, it is peaceful,  but sometimes it tends to get a bit overcrowded. So many new impolite people are pouring in, they keep talking about self-quarantining, they don’t want to shake hands..”

“Are you still doing any painting?”

“Honestly, not too much, because there is no necessity, you know. In my life I had to earn a living with it. But I painted some angels, I did the elysian fields and recently I did  a portrait of Amy Winehouse. She is a very interesting woman, don’t you think so? What a voice!”

“Yes, yes indeed, good to know she is alright!”  So you are highly regarded nowadays in the Netherlands. What are your thoughts on that?  I mean your Nightwatch has got such a prominent place in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam!”

“Yeah I was told by a guy with one ear,  called Vincent. He studied my work in a museum. He kept talking about my Jewish Bride. ”I couldn’t believe it, he sounded like an expert, but I thought he was a bit crazy.”

“Last question Rembrandt, your assistant told us your time is scarce. Did you know you are one of the main characters in an English theater show in Amsterdam, “When Anne Frank met Rembrandt”. It has been running for quite a while know.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, one of those new Corona chaps, came to me and told me. He said the theatre where it features is awesome, good music as well.  But he also told me in the show I am the bad guy, I don’t think that is..”

“And thank you very much Rembrandt! We are going back to earth”. The show Rembrandt talked about, will be featuring in the Torpedo Theater on April 15, April 30, May 13, May 28 and June 10 in the Torpedo Theater!“ Voorstellingen vanaf 15-04-2022 – Torpedo Theater Amsterdam

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